When we started, we gave ourselves an anti-philosophy; we call it our creative habit. It’s a routine – We practice to be creative, by being creative at everything, everyday. That’s precisely the reason why we never came up with any ideology and focused on just having the right idea at the right time. It’s part of the practice. What also worked was our ability to see ourselves as a bunch of incorrigible enthusiasts constantly at unrest to find, discover, rediscover and put to practice, our ideas, thoughts, insights and hunches. Yes, we are possessive that way. In fact courtesy our 3 step conduct (mull, ponder and solve), we have gained a tremendous load of stubbornness towards problems (read issues, roadblocks), and we just. don’t. budge. Partly, because we are possessive about our clients, just as much. At Zero Gravity, we push, pull, lift, feed, foster—give everything and more to our biggest, smallest, would be, would’ve been clients. And repeat. Because we know for a fact, that when they rise, we do.