Our Journey


We continue to persist in our efforts to raise the roof and accomplish much more than we aim for.


We began to envision ZGC as a larger identity with deliberate efforts to step out of our comfort zone and going one step ahead with our efforts. Winning our very first award for packaging and design for one of our branding projects. This year was noteworthy as we began working with International clients too.


We translated every work opening that came our way to the best opportunity by putting in remarkable efforts to it. On account of this, we successfully completed 50 projects within the first year of operation.


We doubled up on our efforts to stand up to new challenges and expectations set by ourselves first and then by our clients. Expanding to a team of 30 people, ZGC moved to a bigger studio. We also ventured into a metro city and established our base thereby acquiring 7 Mumbai-based clients.


Stemming from a business affluent state, we crossed a bench mark of 1000 days with a phenomenal linear learning curve. We went on to re-align our energies and focus to rebuild the entire team which proved to be a validation for all the challenges that came through.


The company emerged from a fiery passion to do something new in the industry with an unconventional approach. We bagged our first client KP Sanghvi and till now they are one of our most cherished clients.