The Legacy

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The Legacy


How It All Began

50 years ago, in the new post Independence era, two young men, the Late Mr. Hajarimal Sanghvi and his brother Mr. Babulal Sanghvi, both visionaries in their own right, upholding family values and inspiration, set up a diamond trading organisation, that today has grown to become one of the most prestigious names in the diamond industry – KP Sanghvi & Sons LLP. Named after the initials of their grandparents Kaniben and Poonamchand Sanghvi, the KP Sanghvi group was built on the foundation of four key pillars – ethics, morals, foresight and hard work.
What started out as a small diamond trading entity, slowly and steadily grew into a diamond powerhouse, and today KP Sanghvi is a celebrated name in the diamond world engaged in manufacturing and distributing quality loose diamonds for iconic jewellery brands across the globe. Guided by the insights and leadership of three generations of the family, KP Sanghvi continues to progressively carry forward the magnificent legacy created by our founders to greater heights.

A Word From Our Founders

50 years ago, in the new post Independence era, two brothers, the Late Mr. Hajarimal Sanghvi and Mr. Babulal Sanghvi both visionaries of different kinds set up a diamond trading organization in Surat. Named after their parents Kaniben and Poonamchand Sanghvi, KP Sanghvi group was built on four pillars – Ethics, Morals, Foresight and Hard work. Upholding family values, inspiration and persistence to keep aiming forward KP Sanghvi grew into a prestigious foundation in the diamond industry all over the world.

KP Sanghvi group is a strong believer of perfection and craftsmanship with the main focus on customer satisfaction. Reflecting the values and the extraordinary business skills accorded through their founding fathers, KP Sanghvi group believes in giving back to the society.

With growing consistency, quality. innovation, beliefs, and ethics to lean on, KP Sanghvi group is a giant force to be reckoned with. Blending ideas with sustainable business sense KP Sanghvi group is a leading diamond exporter all around the globe. Gradually turning towards new horizons, KP Sanghvi celebrates 50 years of
crafting excellence that aims for stars and higher.

With passion, precision, and perfection as their key ethos, KP Sanghvi is a name synonymous with trust, integrity, and honesty. Guided by the insights and leadership of three generations of the family, KP Sanghvi group continues to celebrate and carry the magnificent legacy forward.

Hajarimal Sanghvi

Babulal Sanghvi

The Journey So Far

Over the years, KP Sanghvi has grown to become an esteemed organisation,
recognized and respected throughout the global diamond industry. The KP
Sanghvi name is synonymous with trust, quality, reliability, consistency,
innovation, customer satisfaction, distribution and superior service.

Within 10 years of its founding, the Company struck its very first Export Deal
and from then on, there was no looking back. Here are some of the significant
milestones achieved by KP SANGHVI in the 50 years of its spectacular journey.


The Future

KP Sanghvi follows the tradition of upholding honesty, integrity and ethics that fosters growth without compromising our core values. We strongly believe in empowering the people by investing in them, nurturing them, protecting them and creating opportunities for them to grow and excel within. With these core values as our guiding compass, coupled with a strong belief in organic growth, KP Sanghvi continues to leap forward in the global diamond industry and the world beyond.

In addition to setting examples of excellence on a global scale, the group also strives to make a larger, positive impact on the lives of all stakeholders by creating value and wealth for all.