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To quote Gary Snyder “Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”. It is an undeniable fact that the energy crisis faced by the entire world will at some time reach to a point where it will question the survival and sustainability of not only humans but also animals. Using renewable energy is a way that is adapted by Aatap Energy to reduce the rising levels of pollution due to fossil fuels. The brand provides holistic services in terms of catering to the solar needs of its customers. The brand aims to serve the clients with the optimum technological advancements in the field of solar energy projects. The distinctive element is that the brand designs the solar/ thermal power products as per the clients’ requirements at an effective cost.



The brand logo was revised as per the functioning of the company that is, representing solar energy. For this, the logo highlighted the concept of sun/ solar power and thus the spiral ring which depicts constant flow of energy. Furthermore, the second letter has some resemblance to panels which represents the field in which the company excels.


The design and content of the brochure focused mainly on the agendas and services of the company. Multiple bright colours are not used so as to keep it elegant and not showy. It is aimed at being informative about the specifications of the services that are offered besides the types of grids and instalment procedurals.

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