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Aathmika is a natural clothing brand for the little ones we love. It is timeless style with a modern twist. The jolly journey for the brand began in 2016 when they wanted clothes that let the little ones be little. Clothes that were made out of the purest and softest fabrics, that was sustainable and affordable. So they made it their mission to make chic outfits for the little stars that put big smiles on their faces.

Background & Problem Statement

Aathmika team was not happy with their previous branding because there was no clear distinction coming out as a brand. Also, kids clothing is very sensitive and target audience is parents that was totally overlooked previously. How to make sure right message is communicated was main challenge. We brainstormed with both founders and made complete gap analysis as well as learning from previous launch. We did detailed understanding of fabrics and their garment design process. Based on that whole design approach was prepared by #theideapeople.

It is undeniable that one of the most beautiful sights in the world is that of a peacock displaying the beauty of its glittering feathers. And that is exactly what we have incorporated in this logo. By creating a feather-like structure out of the initial letter of Aathmika, i.e. ‘A’ we have imbibed the beauty of the brand’s clothing into its logo. This enhances the essence of the brand and is easy to remember in the eyes of a customer.

Packaging Concept
To extend the brand’s idea of sustainability we created packaging that reflects the same. Recycle khakhi paper and lacing with brown imprints of the elements that depict the love of mother and child.
Along with this each garment is shipped with seeds of different pants and thank you card with instructions to plant and how to make sustainable living.

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