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Alanna – Naturally Beautiful is a brand of organic yet affordable beauty-care products ranging from skin, hair, eye to baby care. It is the brainchild of Ms. Rashi Bahel, who found her passion in incorporating knowledge of age old beauty recipes from family and creating from them handcrafted formulations so as to deliver beauty products that are 100% natural yet affordable. Alanna strikingly stands out for its manufacturing process, wherein only carefully selected therapeutic ingredients are mixed in small batches to ensure quality control, decent shelf life, as well as freshness, in spite of the total absence of any kind of preservatives or artificial fragrances.

ZGC worked on the branding for the product range’s market entry as well as its national positioning post the market acceptance. (to know more click here)

We understand that packaging is an important part in defining inclusive branding strategy for a product. Hence, we ensured the design elements and content on packaging are in consistent and truly in sync with the product’s actual manufacturing process and uniqueness

Introduction of Unique design-content elements

ZGC introduced one final design & content element to give Alanna a unique standing in packaging. Alanna being an indigenous brand, it was necessary to showcase the pride of ‘Make in India’ as well as to communicate to the customer the conscious choice of most beneficial therapeutic ingredients in the products. A design element was created wherein the main therapeutic ingredient of each product was placed over the illustration of a well-known monument from those regions of India where the ingredient belongs to or sourced from while making it. In sync with this, the packaging contains content that mentions the therapeutic benefits of this ingredient. To add onto this, each package contains inside it, apart from the product, a pamphlet which shares in further detail about the therapeutic benefits of this ingredient and more information regarding the monument location.

Balanced Design for key differentiators

The three differentiators of Alanna – simplicity, luxury offering & affordability, which were analyzed during its branding journey, were inculcated in design in a balanced manner. White background, well-spaced content along with the use of white lotus symbol in negative spaces ensures the experience of simplicity and affordability is maintained. While ‘Directions for use’ for each product, warning regarding allergy and expiry date, a list of ingredients as well as descriptive icons for the product features balances out for the experience of luxury for the customer.

As a result, each Alanna product packaging when picked up brings home to the customer the feel of exact experience the actual product will bring home on use.

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