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ANMOL was founded in the year 1986 by Ishu Datwani, it’s a brand name synonymous with perfection. They have been creating masterpieces for 32 years now. A journey and brand that thrives on constant reinvention, ANMOL is loved by many Bollywood Beauties and has been adorned for their weddings. Apart from being recognized by Brand Vision India 2020 Summit and GJTCI, ANMOL has achieved various awards like Retail Jeweler India Award, National Jewelry Award by GJF and Indian Jeweler Award to name some.

Background & Problem Statement

ANMOL has been reigning the jewellery industry for 32 years now, to celebrate that achievement and glory of ANMOL we decided to personify the brand through its 32 virtues.
This concept celebrates the glory of ANMOL through the various virtues adapted and inhibited by the brand. Known for creating designs that reflect every mood and occasion in one’s life our concept reflects the values and foundations of which ANMOL Stands today. This concept also sheds a light on the strong bond ANMOL has created with its customers and that lets it walk towards other ventures with the same love and determination.

The hoardings and newspaper advertisements Creatively used the number 32 since we wanted to emphasize on the 32nd anniversary of the brand. Although what made this campaign stand out was the how the numbers were placed and presented. Apart from the distinct placement of the number these hoardings and advertisements had the anniversary offers mentioned.

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