Client : Casa Italia
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The Brief:

Casa Italia is a premium furniture brand. Casa means a house in Portuguese. So, as the name suggests, Casa Italia gives you the glory of living in a furnished interior design, glorified Italian furniture or customerized furnishings letting your space to do the talking of your style.


Casa Italia came to Zero Gravity Communications looking for a complete brand identity that resonated the luxurious and regal vibe that the brand stands for.


A house is complete when it is furnished and that is the core idea behind the logo. At the first sight, the logo gives an impression of the origami craft, symbolizing the furniture lighter like papers. This logo is designed from the basic triangular shapes which form both a house and a chair as a whole. The ethos of the logo conveys the message of eco-friendly quality of the brand/products.

Press Ads:

The press ads were themed around the concept of origami that served as the foundation for creatives in all communication. Through the copy, a subtle hint was given at the fact that furniture doesn’t just serve as a utility but add to the glory of the home as well as one’s lifestyle.

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