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The discerning and refined jewellery of KK Jewels takes inspiration from the regal and historic heritage of Gujarat.

Their jewellery represents the glorious past of the state. Their brand thrives on the amalgamation of traditional
ethnicity intertwined with a tinge of modernity.

Background and problem statement:

The campaign came into existence as KK Jewels wanted to commemorate the imperial and opulent legacy of the
architectural richness of Gujarat on the juncture of World Heritage week.

Shoot Concept

The idea behind this campaign was to enumerate the existing brand value of KK Jewels by integrating beguiling
images of enchanting monuments from Gujarat and juxtaposing them with their jewellery on the occasion of
World Heritage Week.

The look was designed in such a way that the craftsmanship of the jewellery chain reflected the aesthetic and tasteful
sketches of two of the most celebrated monuments of Gujarat.

These sketches have been artistically made by us and the copies cater to newspaper, magazine and social media audiences.

The purpose of the campaign was to highlight the artisanship of their jewellery and collocate it with the palatial richness of
Mahabat Maqbara in Junagadh which is famous for its impressive semi-gothic and Islamic structure and
The Sun Temple of Modhera, a shrine dedicated to the sun god.

Ahmedabad Times, Ahmedabad Mirror and Femina featured these ads.

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