Client : KP Sanghvi Calendar 2018
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KP Sanghvi is a diamond conglomerate, and ‘the idea people’ have been working with them for 4 years now. As a part of our brand building strategy, the first campaign focused on the ‘Legacy of Art and Craftsmanship’ upon reaching their 50 years anniversary milestone. You may review the project KP Sanghvi

Calendar Idea 2018: Having covered varied aspects of the business in the previous calendar issues; this year, we thought to go basic and cover the real differentiators that set KP Sanghvi as a remarkable service excellence diamond company. ‘A Path To Our Transcendence’ showcases KP Sanghvi’s strengths not just in diamond but also their excellence in building the community and people. In each calendar month, the formal and conceptual aspects remain paradigmatic, inviting us to reflect on how business in a community moves while creating a greater impact. Touching on the theme of KP’s signature gold and white, the calendar is a spirit of of enlivenment for everyone to enjoy.

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