Client : Linkruit
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Brief: Linkruit are a human resources firm who were coming up with worldwide recruitment solutions for both employees and employers. Linkruit came to us seeking a brand identity; from a name to logo to branding, they wanted all. They wanted their name and logo to not be limited by the scope of their current expertise as they already had future plans for expansion.

The Idea

The name: For the name, we started with looking for terms that didn’t restrict the scope of the organization to only recruitment or human resources. From the very onset, we started looking for words that represented the greater notion of being relevant and connecting the right people together. Our search ended with the very basic word “Link”. However, the word “Link” didn’t communicate the objectives of the organization clearly and we decided upon adding the perspective of recruitment to the name and hence, the suffix “Ruit” was added.

The logo: Linkruit empowers both, the employee and the employer, with a sense of freedom to choose from a vast pool of options. Both the participants can choose what suits them best. While the employers have a global workforce at their liberty, the employees can choose from global organisations which suit their career aspirations and stand out in their respective roles. The palms of hand depict the freedom of choice while the text is based on the famous game of tetris in which requires one to match the correct piece with its respective counterpart. The bottom portion of L and the top of T have been made to resemble two pieces of the game that represent the greater sense of linking and matching.

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