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Little Wings is Ahmedabad based First green campus childcare center and play school.
Creating a communication strategy first requires the understanding of the concept of school and its teaching.

Understanding the concept of preschool:
The concept of holistic child care is to encourage and inspire the primary stages of learning based on
interaction with the environment.

A child’s emotions, physical needs, and creative openness are the instrumental in their all-round development.
Little Wings facilitate nurturing the child as a whole, engaging them in outdoor play-space and integrated learning
alongside building relationships enhancing primary values of love and care. Our one-of-a-kind holistic approach at
Little Wings, boosts understanding and caters to the individual needs of the child.

Website: Little Wings

Visualising :

There are some key pointers here like learning with 5 basic elements of nature, holistic learning and details in grooming
along with educational objectives.

Outline of design strategy was drawn by first defining color palette around which communication will take place. As it is children
play school we wanted to avoid loud, sharp colors. The concept was to represent soft pastel colors inspired by the elements of
natures in a creative manner. The thought process was to give the brand a nature friendly and playful at the same time.
Along with illustration representing the 5 elements, we detailed our animation language with small graphics on each page.
Visuals are an extension of belief and ethos that Little Wings family aims to achieve.

Our thought process:

To execute this project our team went down to study how actual teaching process is at Little Wings, series of discussion
with teachers and management at school helped open a perspective about early childhood education importance. Also,
while speaking to some of the parents we understood how and what parents look into playschool website while
exploring different playschool. This has been one those fun study exercises that helped our copy, creative and
tech team doing the website.

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