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Savory is the flagship brand of Bajaj Food Ltd and has been on the quest to serve wholesome food for about two decades now. The brand is the first to introduce and manufacture peanut butter. Savory’s idealogy and vision was to make peanut butter a household name.

Background & Problem Statement

Although Bajaj Foods was a known name, Peanut butter was a completely new venture in India. Their aim was not only introducing the concept of peanut butter but changing its perspective in the minds of the Indian audience.


While the concept of superfoods is trending internationally, Savory with their peanut butter sticks is introducing a twist to
this concept for the indian market with their anytime supersnack. Through this, savory’s peanut butter snack is not time
bound. It can be eaten and devoured at any time of the day. A healthy and tastier option for the cravings.
Peanut butter may be a go to spread right now, Savory was the one to introduce it as an anytime snack.


To urge people to try something new we started the TRY KIYA KYA campaign. This encouraged people to devour peanut butter sticks and let it be a household name and snack.​​​​​​​


We created a very simple font logo for the brand with the thinking that incase they decide to venture out, the logo shouldn’t stop them. With a simple font logo, not only will the people be familiar with the brand but if they decide to sell chocolate wafers in the near future, they can stick to the logo.
Other deliverables were also created. While try kiya kya was thecampaign, the brand loved the idea so much that they decided to stick with it and it was on other packaging too

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