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Shapers 360 Degree is a decade old Architectural planning and Real Estate Project consulting firm. Consulting has been the core strength and distinguishing factor in their offering. While doing what they do the best, there has never been conscious efforts in showcasing the work done by the brand. There was a need gap in systematic project showcase, uniformed positioning, and brand communication for Shapers 360. The client has multiple confusion points like if they should retain the brand name Shapers 360? If yes, why? what should be an identity look like?

ZGC Approach:

This assignment kick-started with a series of branding storming sessions with founders who explained the journey of their venture, passion that has been the guiding force. Milestone projects and how over the years, the small startup has formed into a formal setup with a dedicated team of 30 professionals and more than 150 projects.

As the first step, we ran series of questionnaires with different stakeholders and successfully concluded in what form the brand name should be retained.

Second big part of the assignment was to create a Brand Identity that reflects the core belief the founders have aligned with the company and work. After many design explorations, the selected brand identity had more to offer than asked. As the company has seen upward growth for themselves and projects that they have worked on we incorporated geometry compass in letter ‘A’ which depicts precision, excellence, an accurate approach they incorporate. Two rich color pallet has been taken to further design the brand.

On the same lines, complete Shapers360 brand communication has been written to have all Corporate Brochure, Website, Leaflet, Case Study Documents aligned with a unified message.


Design of the website keeps the basic branding inline in terms of colors, style, and communication. The client faced the challenge in updating their website with the latest work portfolio hence website was made dynamic that further changes and updated on relevant pages can be done directly by the client.

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