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All the grumps fade away when pizzas pop up! Browsing through the history of the flat bread pizza, we come across Marinara, one of the “pure” and older forms of pizza which was traditionally prepared by seaman’s wife to cure her sea-suffering husband returning from the Bay of Naples. This place inspired one of our clients to set up a pizzeria containing a true essence of pizza. This explains the name The Blue Oven. The pizzeria provides options to its customers to select from the toppings, allowing the customers to choose their own flavor. The uncommon component lies in the blue oven used which shares a resemblance to the ones found in Italy. An element of the same is being held in the logo.


The posters for the café mostly revolved around the idea that it is acceptable to eat more. There were various toppings selected followed by a quirky text below it. The visuals were kept minimal akin to the text. Some of the posters also comprised of the hand gestures commonly used in Italy.


Like mentioned previously, the logo shows the archetypal ovens that are found in Italy. There is a play on the colors blue and orange mainly. The logo is kept simple and explicitly directed towards the concept of the pizza café. The color blue is used more in order to highlight and clearly put forth the idea.

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