ZGC employs design driven, strategic and practical tools and methods to assist organisations understand their target audience, consumer behaviour, data-driven research, well-documented brand vision, actionable marketing strategy, sales drove forecasting, technology planning and sustainable business modelling. Our approach - practicality with principles, is a direct response to the increasing complexity of modern technology and modern businesses. Our strategy is not a buzz word, but followed by actionable prototyping. We are good at asking the right questions to our client that help them design sustainable business for all stakeholders.


Modern day brands possess complex challenge in terms of positioning and distinguishing themselves. ZGC believes that a brand with a story and purpose can’t be copied as the consumer is looking for connected experiences from Brands. As the focus and attention span of the consumer is getting shorter with each passing day, it is increasingly important to design more inclusive brands with a futuristic perspective. Brand Building is a disciplined approach with a blend of human-centric approach and the right emotional quotient at the centre.


“Advertising is more of Science of Art.” ZGC constantly evolves with new methods and disciplines to meet the need of changing times for our clients. Our advertising solutions are focused around strong ideas, human centric positioning and engaging consumers purposefully with effective mediums. Old ways of advertising are constantly challenged. Brands are consciously and wisely spending, and our efforts are focused towards finding the right fit of need generation and ROI driven media planning and campaigns.


The digital era is gaining predominant attention and focus, where countless new people are turning into influencers every minute. Integrating a brand on different online platforms is part of the core strategy. We visualize the brand messaging seamlessly on digital platforms to make their online presence felt across digital media with strategy, storytelling and inclusive brand experiences.