ZGC Calendar 2018

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018
Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

The Chaos Theory is an interdisciplinary approach that states that within the apparent randomness of chaotic complex systems, there are underlying patterns, constant feedback loops and repetition.

Zero Gravity is the starting point of this undisciplined and unpredictable behavior, leading to drastic changes in the result.

– Robert May, 1975

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Mathematicians have always been expanding the idea of what numbers actually are! The square root of -1, usually written i, completes this process, giving rise to the complex numbers.

At Zero Gravity, the diverse background of each individual brings in a perspective that challenges the status quo and encourages collaboration to work towards our passion.

-Eules, 1750

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Einstein radically altered the course of physics with his theories of special and general relativity. The classic equation E = mc2 states that matter and energy are equivalent to each other.

Understanding of human emotions is center to creating experiences that engage the target group. We create such experiences on the bases of emotions that they invoke.

– Einstein, 1905

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

The Black Scholes Model is one of the most important concepts in modern financial theory. The Black-Scholes equation allows financial professionals to calculate the value of these financial products, based on the properties of the derivative and the underlying asset.

We define creativity as “the expression of self and purpose”

– F. Black, M. Scholes, 1990

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

The normal probability distribution, which has the familiar bell curve graph to the left, is ubiquitous in statistics. The normal curve is used in physics, biology, and the social sciences to model various properties. One of the reasons the normal curve shows up so often is that it describes the behavior of large groups of independent processes.

Stop thinking, start feeling, what the heart knows today, the head will understand tomorrow.

– C.F. Gauss, 1810

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

This theorem is foundational to our understanding of geometry. It describes the relationship between the sides of a right triangle on a flat plane: square the lengths of the short sides, a and b, add those together, and you get the square of the length of the long side, c.

We are driven by design, not just when it comes to work, but also at life, we create brands that become synonymous with the experience that their business resonates.

– Pythagoras, 530 BC

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Newton’s law is a remarkable piece of scientific history – it explains, almost perfectly, why the planets move in the way they do. Also remarkable is its universal nature – this is not just how gravity works on Earth, or in our solar system, but anywhere in the universe.

A brand with strong story and sense of purpose can’t be copied. Keep it inclusive, keep it simple!

-Newton, 1687

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Information entropy is defined as the average amount of information produced by a stochastic source of data. The concept of information entropy was introduced by Claude Shannon in his 1948 paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication”.

What does it take to be creative? – Fearlessness

– C. Shannon, 1949

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Calculus, known in its early history as infinitesimal calculus, is a mathematical discipline focused on limits, functions, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series. Much of science is interested in understanding how things change, and the derivative and the integral – the other foundation of calculus – sit at the heart of how mathematicians and scientists understand change

Good is the enemy of “Great”. We continuously thrive to iterate the next enhanced version of our “work”

– Newton, 1668

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

The Fourier transform is essential to understanding more complex wave structures, like human speech. Given a complicated, messy wave function like a recording of a person talking, the Fourier transform allows us to break the messy function into a combination of a number of simple waves, greatly simplifying analysis.

Our practices aren’t pre-set and they vary accordingly to the practicality of the idea in accordance with the client at hand. The intersection of our principles with practicality gives birth to our solutions.

– J. Fourier, 1822

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

The second law of thermodynamics states that the total entropy can never decrease over time for an isolated system, that is, a system in which neither energy nor matter can enter nor leave.

We tell stories that the brands stand for. We create experiences around these stories that engage the end customer emotionally, hence leaving a long lasting impression.

-L. Boltzmann, 1874

Zero Gravity Communications Calendar 2018

Logarithms are the inverses, or opposites, of exponential functions. A logarithm for a particular base tells you what power you need to raise that base to get a number. Logarithms even describe how humans instinctively think about numbers.

An ardent and intense passion for innovation and hence, creativity connects the otherwise immensely diverse ‘the idea people’ team.

– John Napier, 1610